V2Cigs should you buy them?

V2 is a brand of VMR Products. It is one of the most popular brands in the United States. The company is founded in 2009, and it ever since it’s been growing very fast, and currently their products are available in 30 countries. The v2cigs.com website was visited by more than 1.7 million people in November 2014 according to Quantcast (an audience measurement company) and it is in top 7000 websites in the USA according to Alexa.com (a company that provides data on web traffic). These statistics are current at the time of writing this article. I checked other e-cigs websites on Alexa.com and v2cigs.com is by far the most popular (the only website, actually forum, more popular on the topic is e-cigarette-forum.com – the largest forum of its kind). But, not only online, their brands are also popular offline, where they are available at more than 50000 retail locations worldwide. Because the company is very strict on user’s age it has implemented controls where it could (like the AVS system) for checking out the age of customers. I really respect that.

I will focus more on the main brand, while I will only mention the Vapour Couture (the only brand in the world specialized for women) and V2 Pro which is an advanced vaporizer. The reason that I will focus only on the main brand is that it has the largest number of sales, and I would like to review separately the other two, so that I can focus more specifically on their features.

I decided to try V2 Cigs after seeing that many users recommend them at the most popular online websites. Currently, the company offers two lines: Classic, and EX line that debuted in May, 2014. Again, here I will have to tell you, my dear readers, that I will write only about the Classic line, while a separate article will be written in the future about the EX line.  All I can say for the EX line is that it is better than the classic (more puffs per charge, more vapour) but it is more expensive (almost double the price), and it is for more advanced users. Between the two I would recommend the classic for people who want to try this brand, and the EX line for those who will choose this e-cig as their current.

In the classic set, there are several kits: Beginners, Standard, Standard Plus, Couples, Ultimate and Standard E-liquid. They differ in their contents and here is a comparison table of what each of them contains:


The Kit
I ordered the Standard Kit ($34.95, Classic line). My order configuration was: nicotine strength 1.8%, Red (first vanilla then red, see below on explanation why) and Sahara Flavor, Auto switch type, Black and White, standard length, wall adapter and smart charger. After 3 days I got the package, that had been nicely packed. I was amazed by the look and feel of the components. It was noticeable that they were of high quality.
I unpacked the box and because the battery had already been charged I started vaping. The Red Flavor was very much like a tobacco and I like it (though later on I have tried other flavors (vanilla, Congress, Sahara, etc) and I must say Congress is my favourite).


What I like in this brand is their easy drag combined with excellent throat hit, a good choice of flavors with awesome taste, excellent battery life, and good customer service. In addition, after trying many other brands, I could not find a single one that could come close to the taste, feel and durability of V2. That is why V2Cigs are my current electronic cigarette.

There are currently two models: Auto and Manual (you can choose which one you like during the ordering). Both are same in the way the work, except that the manual model has a button that activates the heating of the e-liquid and produces vapor, while Auto model will automatically start the battery and heat the e-liquid, when you start inhaling. The Manual or Button-style model requires you to hold the button before and during the inhaling. I prefer the Auto, because it is easier for me to use it, though the manual offers thicker vapour and more control.

V2 Batteries are awesome. They are offered in short, standard and long versions. The short version is 100mm, 150 mAh and lasts about 150 puffs. The standard version is 250mAh, 110 mm long and lasts about 200 puffs, while the long version is 140mm and lasts about 300 and so puffs, and it is the most powerful of them all with 380 mAh. The colors that they are available in, are: white, black, blue, pink and metallic.


Technical details:
4.2V battery and low resistance cartos.
Kr808d-1 type
4-5 hours charging time (the LED will glow blue when fully charged)
PG (propylene glycol) e-liquid

Price analyzed rating:
The prices are quite comparable and cheaper than other competitor’s brands. The items available in V2’s starter kit are 10 cartomizers accompanying double batteries and just costing you $49.95. Other kits include additional batteries, car chargers, or carrying cases and prices are varying. The standard kit contains everything you need to start.

Analyzed rating on customer service:
I had to reach customer support, as to test their response, and the response was obtained within a span of 2 hours. The request was to change the Vanilla to the Red Flavor before shipping is made. And so they did. The next day the kit was shipped with the replaced one.

There is wide range of accessories including: Soft and Metal carrying cases, Portable chargers (which is excellent, because it allows you to charge your battery on the go without power), Wall and Car adapters, USB chargers, lanyards, etc. I really like the portable charger case, the XL version, with two LED indicators showing the case charge level and the battery charge level. The company claims that it can charge up to 8 standard batteries, but I found it more like 6-7, and occasionally 8 times, which is again excellent for people like me on the go.

Electing the associated and available flavors:
There is a good number of choices (Chocolate, Cola, Red, Sahara, Congress, Menthol, Vanilla, Peppermint, Coffee and others), currently twenty four. If you are not sure which one is most suitable to your taste, then order the Sampler pack which has all the flavors included. In addition, there is an option for custom cartridges (it looks like that customization is no longer available).


They also offer a range of e-liquids which are used for refilling. For this, first you need to buy the blank cartridges from their site. This is a cheaper way to go, but it requires extra work to refill the cartridges, and I do not recommend you to refill the cartridges, because it may be dangerous if you spill over the e-liquid. There is an excellent guide on their site on how to refill. But, I will warn you that this is very advanced stuff and extra care is needed. It is much easier to just buy pre-filled cartos instead of refilling them yourself.

If you are still not convinced about whether to buy V2 kit, then I’d suggest you to try the disposables 3-pack for $24.95, however I must tell you that the disposables are not the same in terms of taste and durability as the electronic ones and they can not be reused. In addition, there is no warranty of any kind for disposables.

I forgot to mention that the company offers limited lifetime warranty on their products, which applies only to the electronic components. Basically, they will replace defective products without charge (please read the terms of their warranty for specifics).

Are you afraid that you will lose money if you do not like their product? You shouldn’t worry because there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you will get full refund if you are not satisfied. This guarantee does not apply to e-liquid, disposables, cartridges, apparel or broken kits.

You can visit V2Cigs and save 10% by clicking here. There is free shipping available on orders over $50. I would recommend you to start with either the Beginners Kit of the classic line or the Standard kit from the EX line. And if you choose V2 as your current brand, make sure to join their rewards program, that will save you money over the long run.

After using this brand for almost 3 years, I can say that it is the best brand on the market. The batteries are excellent, flavors are long lasting and there are hardly any product problems. I remember the usual battery is dead couple of times, but that’s about it. There are many people that I know that are using V2 and they are satisfied from it. This review is based on 3 years usage.
As always I encourage my readers to post their opinion and tell everyone their experiences with this product or any other.