South Beach Smoke Opinion

I always start with some background on the company history before I go on to write about its products. As usual, I will first write about the company’s mainstream product, and will post separate articles for the company’s other products.

South Beach Smoke is brand of International Vapor Group, a company based in Florida, United States of America. It is designer and manufacturer of three more brands: EverSmoke, Vaporfi and NutriCigs, for which I will write about in another posting.

It is one of the pioneers in the industry, having established its brand in 2010. First offering only e-cigarette, with time they started offering many other related products, including e-liquid and vaporizers which both are for more advanced users. Following industry trends, the company also started offering customization on some of its products. Nevertheless, besides their additional products, they never stopped upgrading their original and best-selling product, which is currently in the top 5 of its kind.

Before I actually post any kind of rating on my website I research the company and read other users’ comments on the Internet (still the risk (regarding safety or other) of choosing this product over others lies in you). I always try to prevent myself from becoming biased. From the readings I could tell that the company really has good customer service and produces hiqh-quality products from durable materials, although a little bit pricey. But I don’t trust 100% anyone, and now I will put those customer claims to the test.

I have tested the product for 25 days. My South Beach Smoke (SBS) review is below.

image of the box

The Kit
I went to their official website and ordered the Deluxe Starter Kit. They offer 3 starter kits: Deluxe Starter ($59.99, Plus ($89.99) and Ultimate kit ($159.99). They also offer reusable and disposable packs which are cheaper. Specifically, I bought the Deluxe Starter Kit which comes with: 2 batteries (large and standard), 5 cartomizers and 1 portable wall charger. There wasn’t an USB charger included, which I do not like at all, and I do not understand why because the cost to make one is very low. Delivery time of my starter kit was excellent (3 days). The components of the kit came in the standardised (dimensions) box that prevails in this industry. I thought the logo contrasted with the box’s black color looked awesome.


Design and Performance
For the design of all of their products I give them 5 out of 5. The battery looks awesome. At the end is crystal orange LED which glows when the user inhales. The glowing gives a natural look when vaping much like ordinary cigarette. Offered in different colors, are Manual and Auto batteries, which automatically start the atomizer that vaporizes the e-liquid inside the cartridge. Manual types are also offered, though I prefer auto because I do not need to hold a button while inhaling. Battery is good as it lasts about a day (around 3 hours for me), depending on your smoking style, and it has average lifespan of 3 to 6 months. The average recharge time is between one hour to one hour and a half.


What I do not like about this product is that when you inhale you hear a noise (it is not loud, but certainly the loudest of all the e-cigs I have so far tested). Though the drag is easy and the throat hit is there. The vapor volume is good, however you need several puffs (in order to heat the atomizer-cartridge) before you can make larger vapor volume.

There are several flavors currently offered: Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Blue, Tobacco Gold, Chocolate, Vanilla, Pina Colada, Peach, Peppermint, Cherry and Menthol. As you see there is a plenty of choice. For me, the classic tobacco is strong flavor, however it is not exactly the same as real tobacco in taste. All come with either No Nicotine, Ultra Light, Light or Full (your choice when ordering!). My rating for their flavors is 4/5. While this rating is subjective, most of the opinions on other sites concur with my opinion.


The company claims that future purchases of single cartridges will be equivalent of $1.41/pack, however from what I’ve read on the internet this is not always true and mostly depends of the smoking style and other factors. This varies from smoker to smoker.

As with most of the companies on the market, the accessories offered are: portable (deluxe and ordinary) charging case, carrying cases, USB, car and wall adapter. The difference between the deluxe and the ordinary charging case is that the deluxe has a cigarette-pack design. I like this design a lot because it fits well in my pocket and looks cool. The function of each accessory is explained in separate article here, because these accessories have standardised functions.


Additional Features
Another point is that the company has integrated a chip inside the battery that will warn you if you take too much puffs per hour. Regardless of this very good option, you should never allow yourself to chain smoking. Also, the chip have auto-cleaning function which starts automatically after your 1500th puff. You will notice this when the LED will blink for several times in a row signalling that the cleaning is in progress.

The lifetime replacement warranty is worth mentioning here, however it is only available with their Auto Delivery (or Home Delivery) program. This program consists of setting a number of cartridges, that the company will ship to you at the desired frequency (shipping charges will be charged separately). You can cancel anytime, or pause it. Economically speaking, their Home Delivery program is something to try if you have chosen this brand, because through it you get a discount, that is 20% for cartridges and 10% discount for e-liquid, as well as saving time because you do not have to order cartridges (and wait) every time you run out of them.

Just recently, they created a Loyalty program designed to help customers like you and me save money. That is, for every $1 that is spent on their products 1 point is earned. Once a user reaches 200 points, $20 dollars are applied toward his/her account for the next purchase he or she will make. Points can also be earned via the following methods:

Method Number of points
Like SBS on Facebook 5
Enroll in Home Delivery program 25
Share what you have purchased on Facebook 5
It is your birtday 20
Follow SBS on Twitter 5

The customer service was good, as any inquiry via email was typically responded within several hours. There is also phone support available. For all users there is 30-day money-back guarantee.

Like with almost all brands, the products of this company are designed in USA, but made in China.



Rating and Conclusion
It looks cool, it is of high-quality and in middle range of prices, with good choice of flavors and customer support. However, it can not beat V2cigs according to me. Nonetheless, many users report that SBS was what they started with vaping and stayed with it. You can try it and with 30-day money-back guarantee you can get refund if you don’t like it. Overall I give 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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P.S: Currently, this brand is not available offline, though there are plans to make it so in the future.