In recent times, there are many new brands coming out with different designs. Ever Smoke is one of them. Relatively new brand, however most of you my dear readers, probably don’t know that the company “International Vapor Group” is making them, and this is the same manufacturer of the popular South Beach smoke e-cigarettes for which I have written a review here. They have many products and they are playing a very influential role in the market with new innovations. I will write an entire article very soon on the company’s history and innovations.

Comparison between the two
EverSmoke and its sister – South Beach Smoke are pretty much the same cigalike electronic cigarette, albeit both come in different colors and kits. The technology behind is the same and there is great possibility they are even made in the same factory. Even the taste of their flavors is very similar, though not the same. So what’s the difference you might ask? Which one to order? Long story short, the answer is South Beach Smoke (SBS), because the quality of the materials, battery life and even support is better. In addition, it is the company’s flagship brand – meaning they invest more in it. So what’s the point of this article you might ask? The point is that Ever Smoke is cheaper! And I like some of the flavors more. There are few other things that I like in this brand so please read below to see why it might be your choice of buying.

There are several kits that are available for purchase and they are listed below with what they come with and their price.

Name What’s inside Price
Basic Starter 2 Batteries (Long and Short), Wall Charger, USB charger, 5 Cartomizers (your choice of flavor) $49.99
Pro All things from the Starter, but 10 Cartomizers and Car Charger $79.99
Ultimate All things from above, but 15 Cartomizers, Portable Charging Case and Carrying case $149.99
Couples Same as Pro, but everything double (except cartomizers, only 10) $99.99
Reusable Express Kit 1 Standard Battery, 1 USB Charger, 1 Cartridge $29.99

In addition, all of them contain an instruction manual and membership card. I always recommend everyone before using the products to read their own manual, for how to maintain and use in the best way possible the product. Please note that, prices and contents of kits are subject to change without notice.

In this article I review the starter kit which I managed to get it at 75% Off (Black Friday deal) for only $19.99. For the inside contents refer to the first item in the above table.

The Box

Unpacking the box was very easy, The items inside were securely placed. This is very important because you could never know how the shipping company transports the package. Big plus here. The battery came pre-charged (how much exactly I do not know, but certainly it wasn’t full charge). I removed the e-cig from the box, folded the cartomizer and started testing.

The Test
The testing was done over the course of 5 weeks. During this time I was able to fully experience this product alone and with friends and relatives. Some found it excellent (especially those that had never before tried vaping), others found it average. I found it OK.

The drag is smooth with good amount of vapor volume, however the throat hit is average and this depends mostly on the nicotine level. There are several flavors to choose from: vanilla, coffee, cherry, tobacco, peppermint, menthol and others. The flavors are the strong point of this brand over its sister brand. I don’t know why, even though they are the same company, I have found EverSmoke’s flavors better. If you agree with me, please post a comment.


The Parts
At one of the ends there is LED light tip that serves for two purposes. One is to show activity, glowing when you take a puff. The other feature is to notify you when the battery is going low or out of charge (by flashing). When you see this it is time to charge it. One more thing, I like how they design it. It is not like most others that have plastic thing on top coming out, but instead it is flat crystal LED. On the other end there is a cartridge which has a wrapping-paper around it for the purpose of not touching the metal with the lips. There is a label that indicates
the nicotine level as well as a flavor-specific color, which is very useful.

This product has relatively good battery life. Depending on whether you use the mini, standard or the long type you will experience different cycle. During my testing period I experienced the following:

    • Mini: around 140-170 puffs
    • Standard: 190-230 puffs
    • Long: 300-330 puffs

However, the puffing style is different from user to user, so you might experience differently. The types listed above are all automatic. I have not tested the manual. Recharging time for all three types is around one hour.

How It Works
The e-smoke is created by the atomizer which is inside the cartomizer. Other manufactures have the atomizer separated thus creating 3 pieces, which are inconvenient to handle (you have to fold the 3 pieces in the correct position which is frustrating). However, EverSmoke offers two-piece design for all of its products where you just fold the cartomizer to the top of the battery and start vaping.

For those users that do end up with this brand, I would like you to know that there is Home Delivery Program. This program allows the enrolled users to get 20% off on the cartridges through it as well as lifetime warranty on the parts – meaning, the parts will be replaced if damaged during normal use, for free. Once enrolled, you can set schedules for delivery of the cartridges to your home address. Tip: Before you enroll, make sure this is the brand you want to use. Don’t worry, you can cancel or pause it at any time, but first you need to know what is your average usage of cartridges. I usually use one cartridge per day, so 30 cartridges per month would be the setup I would use. For shipping and handling rates, they start from $6.95 per order, and the rate depends on the amount of dollars per order, not quantity.

Pretty much everything that is available at other companies is available at this company also, including portable charging cases, carrying cases, lanyards, USB, Wall, car chargers and other.

uUSB Charger

In case you do not like the product, you can return it via postage within 30 days (money-back guarantee) and you will be refunded (for better specifics check the terms on their site). No news here because almost every company in the industry offers this feature.

EverSmoke is an OK e-cig, but really it is not something spectacular. Yet, I can tell you that it deserves a place in the top 10 list of the best brands. They do have good number of flavors that come in different nicotine levels from 0 to 18mg (24mg is not available). The design is sleek and shipping is fast. The customer support is good and the company has lots of experience in this business.

Based on my test results, I would rate them 3.5 out of 5 star.

You could try it and with the 30-day money back guarantee you could also test it and get refund if you do not like it.

The price of all the daily necessities is increasing day by day. But, people are not earning more money. That’s why you always need to look out for discounts before purchasing. For the brands on this site I have found the coupons that will offer the maximum discount.

You can visit their official web site and save 10% by clicking here.