Nowadays as per the growing demand, various types of accessories are popping out for e-cigarettes. They are very useful because they enhance the functionality, add new features or are, simply, very handy.

In this article I will attempt to give an overview (together with photos) of the most common on the market with little description of their features and uses.

Numerous are available in markets and in order to know more specific technical details about them you must check out their descriptions at the companies that are offering them (which is pretty much every company in the industry). They are becoming more popular and are available at various prices, design, colours, prints, and functionality. They are even a must in some situations, for example car chargers or the portable charging cases.

The most common are:

  • Carrying case: The most important entity required in order to carry your e-cig (or personal vaporizer – PV) is its case. And it also has the ability to accommodate two or more flavoured cartridges. As per its size it can easily fit in your bag or pocket. It is available in various materials like leather, plastic, sparkling, metal and many others.
  • Portable charging case (PCC): As the name tells, in this the battery can be charged while carrying it, and not only that it even accommodates cartridges. Once the PCC is fully charged you can remove the power cord and put your cartridges and the battery inside. If the battery is not fully charged, it will charge from the PCC, without connecting the PCC with a power cord to a socket. The design can be box-like type or regular-cigarette-pack type which can sometimes really confuse others as to whether you are smoking or vaping. These come in very sleek and modern design (with LED lightening, indicators and other), and produce a lot of amazement when others see them (telling you from experience).
    As you can see from the picture this PCC can be connected to USB port for charging itself (that is why input is stated at 0.5 voltage).  There is place for both the battery and 2 cartomizers.
  • Other types of cases: Many are available for different uses. Most common are mobile and iphone cases where you can attach the e-cig to the case in which the iphone is. If you ask me, this is not much useful, maybe even not practical because it will bump into other things when you carry your iphone or other mobile.
  • Car charger: This is essential if you have an automobile. It will allow you to easily charge while driving, and this is great for high traffic cities or long travel. Very useful for those who travel with a car a lot, like me.
  • USB charger: It works on a similar basis like that of a portable charger so that whenever you run out of battery it can be conveniently charged anywhere where there is USB port with charging capabilities (usually PCs and Laptops have charging capabilities, other devices usually not); it has proved to be a quite beneficial. My friend, who is a computer system administrator, says that it is very useful to him, since he is around computers most of the time during the day.
  • Wall Plug: Standard charger as part of many kits. You have to have it, but note that it is available in almost all kits, so you probably already have one.
  • International Adapter: Power sockets and even voltage are different outside United States of America, so you will need this for overseas travel, which allows you to charge your battery in Europe, or other countries. Therefore it is a must for those that travel frequently.
  • Universal Adapters: Usually companies offer either KR808D-1 or KR808D-1 model of batteries. Therefore, a cartomizer that fits for one of these types is not compatible with the other. Hence, the universal adapters, to provide the solution. These are used for compatibility, so that cartomizers that are made at one company for the specific model can be used with another company’s batteries. In this way, you can use batteries that are of better quality from one company with your favourite flavours of another.
  • Cleaning kits: There are various cleaning kits available that basically allow you to clean parts of your personal vaporizer (PV). Most of them are used for cleaning the link between the cartomizer and the battery, allowing smoother vaping.
  • Rubber/Metal Drip Tips: Useful for situations where other users want to try vaping or try the flavours you are currently using. They are placed on the cartridge, in order to protect it from other people’s touch.
  • Lanyard: It is quite useful for carrying your PV around easily around your neck, instead of being in the pockets where you can lose it. Usually at the end of the PV (the cartomizer end) there are air-holes which allow you to use the PV without removing it from the lanyard. I use it when trekking.
  • Long/short battery: The short one is mostly used for convenience when carrying, while the long one gives me more power and longer usage per charge with, of course, more puffs. The capacity is usually double at 350mAh. I usually use long battery. Below is comparison of the lengths:

Some of these accessories are included in the kits you have bought or you are planning to buy. Make sure you do not already have them, for example, USB chargers are common component of almost all kits, so don’t order twice the same product. And, of course, order only if you truly need it, like why would you need a car charger if you do not have a car?

The prices for these products vary depending on the company, but they are mostly affordable compared with the kits that are offered. If the kits are affordable to you, so do these extras.
The quality also depends on the company that manufactures them. Usually, these products are made in China.

These are the most common ones, but there are many others out there that are mostly used for DIY (do it yourself). I must warn my readers that that is very advanced area, with expert knowledge required, and therefore it is much more convenient if you just use the products from popular companies. Unless you are an expert and have tons of free time, don’t go into this area. Always make sure you order from the official website, from the website you bought the kit. For these reasons, I will not cover these advanced products in this article.

So, what is your favourite accessory? Which one do you use the most? Post a comment, so the whole world know.